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REO HQ is a feature-rich solution, which is also fully customizable, allowing for your company to remain dynamic in an ever changing industry.

Managed upgrades allow for enhancements to the application to be made with one-click via the Salesforce platform. Lifetime upgrades available at no additional cost.


Never again be limited by the functionality of spreadsheets when storing and archiving property information and details. REO HQ provides the ability to store all of the information about your assets and listings, including; assignment information, MLS details, price change history, utility information, preservation details, HOA and more! Use the time/date stamp feature to track your initial and recent property visits, re-key and appraisal dates and much more!

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Utilize the BPO object to store information on listing and/or second opinion BPO orders. Send automatic workflow task e-mails to your agents alerting them to new broker price opinion assignments. Track your success and deadlines for fee-based BPO orders.

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Track and manage occupancy details and contact information for assets not yet vacant. Send customized e-mail templates to your asset manager and eviction contacts regarding status. Record CFK request details and occupant contact information.

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Store and monitor preservation bids and invoices. Automated e-mail reimbursement requests and follow-up reduces the possibility of requests being denied or submitted outside of client deadlines.

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Input showing details for your listings. REO HQ sends automatic e-mail requests to showing agents, soliciting feedback from their buyers. Generate detailed reports to include with your MSR each month, detailing the number of showings and buyer/agent feedback.

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Drive offers to your sellers via automated e-mail templates. Track offer status and history, including; multiple counters and highest and best scenarios.

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Coordinate closings more effectively by monitoring deadlines and details. Close more deals!

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Integrated company and individual contact management allows for you to link contacts to all custom objects in REO HQ. Want to know how many closings you have had with a particular seller? One-click reporting features will alert you to that and so much more! Send e-mail and track communications history with everyone in your network.

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Cutting edge reporting puts the power of information at your fingertips!

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E-Mail Templates

Fully customizable e-mail templates allow you to save time and money by automating routine correspondence, such as; offer worksheet submissions, occupancy reporting, reimbursement requests and more!

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Document Storage

Directly attach documents like listing agreements to your property record, invoices to your exepnse record, etc! Also included is folder-driven document storage. Warehouse your documents, such as BPO forms, client policies, master listing agreements and more. Organize them using folders. Your documents are available to your anywhere you have access to the Internet!

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